Space Mobile 3

As a result of the changes in the recent Hungarian cultural policy a great number of critical activities have been excluded from the institutional spaces. Reacting on the actual situation the Third Sector in collaboration with the designers of Partisan Architecture started the development of spatial solutions, which create alternative inclusive environments for artistic, and community activity. Rethinking the cultural public sphere requires the rethinking of the spaces themselves: thus the Space Mobile 3 instead of static structures searches for possibilities of a dynamic system independent from the local limitations, which can adapt itself to the changing spatial needs of the various activities. The core of the system is a structural skeleton which relaying on the cargo space of a medium sized truck offers the possibility of simple enlargement, quick transformation, dismantling and rebuilding. In the design of the details an important criteria was set: to allow the users of the space to simultaneously shape it. The specificity of the system is that it doesn’t require special skills, but is to be realized each time through the cooperation of the participants.